Who We Are & What We Do

It has long been known that selling an unfurnished home is far more difficult than selling one that is well furnished. Empty houses are usually sparse and can mean that potential buyers are focused on finishes and fine detail instead of the house as a home.

In the current declining property market sellers are well advised to make maximum use of every selling tool available to them. You need a way to make your property stand out above your competition and attract more buyers to showings, minimising the time your house remains on the market, saving you time and marketing costs.

Our Focus

Home staging by Space Energy is the successful, new way to sell your home faster and achieve a higher price. Space Energy focuses on creating a style that is neutral enough to appeal to all buyers, yet warm, cozy and fresh to welcome any buyer. A style designed not only to highlight the home’s best features, but also give an exciting view of it’s otherwise hidden potential.


Some Statistics

Statistics from the US have shown that a staged home will achieve a price 7 per cent to 11 per cent higher than that achieved by an empty house and will take on average of 28 per cent less time to sell.

Space Energy, in Johannesburg is South Africa’s first fully fledged home staging company. Our experience over the last ten years only serves to bear witness to the above statistics.


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