Our portfolio of Show-day masterpieces.

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83 Nielsen, Blairgowerie-483 Nielsen, Blairgowerie-4
83 Nielsen, Blairgowerie-983 Nielsen, Blairgowerie-9
83 Nielsen, Blairgowerie-1183 Nielsen, Blairgowerie-11
83 Nielsen, Blairgowerie-1483 Nielsen, Blairgowerie-14
83 Nielsen, Blairgowerie-1783 Nielsen, Blairgowerie-17
83 Nielsen, Blairgowerie-2183 Nielsen, Blairgowerie-21
83 Nielsen, Blairgowerie-1983 Nielsen, Blairgowerie-19
83 Nielsen, Blairgowerie-2383 Nielsen, Blairgowerie-23
83 Nielsen, Blairgowerie-3083 Nielsen, Blairgowerie-30
83 Nielsen, Blairgowerie-2683 Nielsen, Blairgowerie-26
83 Nielsen, Blairgowerie-3683 Nielsen, Blairgowerie-36
83 Nielsen, Blairgowerie-3983 Nielsen, Blairgowerie-39
83 Nielsen, Blairgowerie-4183 Nielsen, Blairgowerie-41
83 Nielsen, Blairgowerie-4683 Nielsen, Blairgowerie-46


Our full-spectrum home staging company based in Johannesburg, has been transforming vacant and occupied houses into warm and welcoming show-day masterpieces for over 10 years. We pride ourselves on balancing the art of aesthetic appeal with the science of selling.