2 Mount Donaldson St,Midstream Estates

Our portfolio of Show-day masterpieces.

Mt Donaldson-16Mt Donaldson-16
Mt Donaldson-18Mt Donaldson-18
Mt Donaldson-19Mt Donaldson-19
Mt Donaldson-17Mt Donaldson-17
Mt Donaldson-20Mt Donaldson-20
Mt Donaldson-21Mt Donaldson-21
Mt Donaldson-22Mt Donaldson-22
Mt Donaldson-23Mt Donaldson-23
Mt Donaldson-24Mt Donaldson-24
Mt Donaldson-25Mt Donaldson-25
Mt Donaldson-26Mt Donaldson-26
Mt Donaldson-27Mt Donaldson-27
Mt Donaldson-28Mt Donaldson-28
Mt Donaldson-29Mt Donaldson-29
Mt Donaldson-30Mt Donaldson-30


Our full-spectrum home staging company based in Johannesburg, has been transforming vacant and occupied houses into warm and welcoming show-day masterpieces for over 10 years. We pride ourselves on balancing the art of aesthetic appeal with the science of selling.