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Typically, we stage for six weeks but have done stagings for photoshoots & estate weekend showcases which we leave at the property for the week.

It depends on the size of the property. We can offer you an estimate based on the photos you send us however we need to view the property to give you a formal quote.

Whatever is available in the warehouse at the time of your staging.

We carefully select furniture that we believe will appeal most to potential buyers and carefully consider the design and colouring of the home. We recommend you allow our design professionals to choose the furniture for optimum results.

Unfortunately not. Our expertise comes as part of our home staging offering. 

Yes, this is called an occupied staging and it is a service we provide.

No refund is applicable within the minimum period you’ve selected. A pro-rata refund will be applicable if you extend the staging beyond the initial period, and we collect the furniture prior to the extension period being over.

A 75% deposit is due for payment the day before we stage and the final 25% must be paid the day after the on-site staging.


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