Objets D’art

At Spacenergy, we are able to provide our clients with access to a wide range of objets d’art, which we source source by making use of our extensive network of suppliers across the globe. When putting the finishing touches on a room, attention to detail becomes a valuable asset. By being attentive to the small things, all the elements begin to work together in a cohesive way and add to the glamour of room or space. The addition of various artistic objects to your space will accomplish exactly that.

The Term

Objets d’art is a French term that can be translated to mean “art objects.” It is usually taken to mean high-quality 3D objects that are generally small in size and relate to decorative items with a high-quality finish and have artistic value. The term is broad and refers to everything that falls outside the major artistic categories of large paintings, prints, sculptures and drawings. A close examination of these objects will indicate a history, at the outset they generally had a particular purpose.

The Collection

The type of objects collectively termed objets d’art appeal to art collectors and those involved in the marketing of antiques. A collection can include everything from tapestries, jewellery, tobacco boxes, miniature paintings, vases, bowls, urns and ceramic plaques to cosmetic boxes, fans, decorative boxes, metalwork items, antiques, Fabergé eggs and selected books with beautiful bindings. Essentially the term objets d’art covers everything which is not categorised into the major artistic groupings.

Spacenergy sources these treasures from colourful places like Côte d’Ivoire, France, New York, South Africa and The Republic of Benin. We endeavour to showcase the highest quality and rarest of collector’s items, to give your space the luxurious and elegant feel distinctly synonymous of Spacenergy. Our attention to detail adds a timeless sense of style and universal appeal to any space with which we work.

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