Small details make all the difference.

We provide our clients with access to a wide range of objets d’art, which we source by making use of our extensive network of suppliers across the globe.


Objet d’art is a French term that means “art object”. It refers to high-quality, three-dimensional objects that are small in size. They serve as decorative items with artistic value.

Not only do these objects add depth, diversity and an artistic edge to a space, they tell a story that is steeped in history because from the outset, many of these objects once had a functional purpose.


When adding the finishing touches to a room, attention to detail becomes a valuable asset. By focusing on small details, you are able to bring a room together in a cohesive way that resonates. The addition of objets d’art to your space will achieve exactly that.


The Precinct Luxury Apartments

stretching leaopard interior decoration piece on top of table

100 Central, Illovo

glass acrylic chairs with glass bowl decoration on table

64 On Melrose, Melrose

Bryanston 07.06.21-8

Eccleston Rd, Bryanston


A collection can include everything from tapestries, jewellery, tobacco boxes, miniature paintings, vases, bowls, urns, ceramic plaques, cosmetic boxes, fans, decorative boxes, metalwork items, antiques, Fabergé eggs, selected books with beautiful bindings and more.

We have sourced these treasures from Côte d’Ivoire, France, New York, South Africa and the Republic of Benin. We endeavour to showcase the highest quality and rarest collections to give your space the luxurious and elegant feel distinctly synonymous with Spacenergy.

Our attention to detail adds a timeless sense of style and universal appeal to any space.